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Values in Care was established in 2003 with two clear aims:

  • To provide high quality meaningful support to individuals with complex needs, including those with autism and Aspergers syndrome.
  • To provide good working conditions for the staff supporting them and by doing so ensuring that service users and staff live and work within stimulating and positive environments.

Values in Care provides each service user with access to:

  • High quality spacious accommodation that is adapted to meet individual needs
  • Competent support staff that are both experienced and trained in meeting the needs of individuals with complex and challenging needs
  • A Clinical Team led by our Behavioural Specialist
  • Vocational Services that provide a full range of vocational and leisure opportunities
  • Intensive Community Support following hospital discharge
  • Lifelong Learning Framework, a positive approach to continued education and training for school leavers and adults with learning disabilities’

Values in Care can support individuals under the following circumstances:

  • Support for individuals through transition from Childrens Services or leaving home
  • Ongoing education for School Leavers
  • Support under Guardianship Orders
  • After Care and Supervised Discharge from Section under the MHA,1983. e.g. 17 leave/CTO
  • Repatriation of service users from out of area placements
  • Transition from existing placements

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