Teams at Swanton Services all over the UK have taken part in a unique celebration of Eurovision by making their own music videos.

The alternative song contest was inspired by a video created by All Saint Vicarage. After seeing their efforts Tom Pick, Regional Director for the North East, challenged service teams and the people they support to channel their pop favourites.

Tom wanted to find a way to keep the spirit of Eurovision alive, despite the cancellation of last year’s Song Contest which should have been held in Rotterdam.

Over 15 services took part in the ‘Swanton Does Eurovision’ challenge, covering classic songs from the likes of Queen, Abba, Destiny’s Child, Elvis Presley, Steps and Whitney Houston.

After watching the videos, Tom said it was a musical celebration like no other.

Tom said: “What a brilliant show from ‘Swanton Does Eurovision’, the only thing missing was commentary from Graham Norton!

“It was terrific to see staff and people we support getting so creative – there were sequins, there were cardboard boats and guitars, there were dance routines!

“I was so impressed by the effort put in by everybody who took part. It was a real treat to watch the videos and share them with the rest of the Swanton family.”

The Cedars in Sunderland submitted a video featuring clapping done by the people they support to the tune of ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It’. Emerald Care Services Belvedere made a cardboard boat as a prop for their version of ‘Sailing’ and Westbridge donned sequins for their Abba tribute ‘Super Trooper’ video.

Elsewhere, services did videos for ‘The Birdy Song’, ‘We Are The Champions’ and ‘American Pie’. There was a great selection of songs, all of which the services made memorable with their unique touches.

Tom said: “Well done to everyone who got involved in ‘Swanton Does Eurovision’. I’m dazzled by your energy and enthusiasm!”