There was fun and laughter across Values In Care services this March as teams competed in our first-ever virtual sports day. 

On Tuesday 9th March, 21 services logged onto Microsoft Teams to participate in an afternoon of sporty activities for everyone to enjoy. 

Among the events were a three-legged race, a star jump challenge and an egg and spoon race.  

But the competition really heated up during a fiercely-fought scavenger hunt and the hilarious fancy dress race. 

Values In Care’s Skala Peach and Lucy Williams, who organised the day, said it was brilliant to see the people supported across the UK have so much fun. 

Skala said: “It’s been an incredibly tough year, so this joyous sports day was precisely what we all needed to lift our spirits. 

“It was terrific to see so many services take part and the people we support getting so into each event.  

“The fancy dress race – where people had to run to different stops and put on another bit of costume each time – was hilarious. Everyone loved it.” 

Services who couldn’t join in on the day were able to stage their in-house sports days later in the week and send their results in afterwards. 

Everyone who took part will get a certificate of participation, and some special medals are being sent to the competitors who came first, second and third across the entire organisation. 

Co-organiser Lucy said that everyone should be incredibly proud of themselves. 

Lucy said: “We all felt the happiness that the Values In Care’s sports day inspired, it really warmed our hearts. 

“There are a lot of preconceptions about how the people we support will cope with change, but they’ve proved how well they can adapt this year. 

“It felt like our sports day was the moment where we could really celebrate their resilience, positivity and achievements. 

“The staff and people we support gave it their all, and we’re super proud of all of them.”