Fundraising superstar Stephen Morris proved his caring credentials when he made the day of a young man who loves Arsenal.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Graig Llwyd Support Worker Stephen has been tirelessly raising money for charity and has donated an incredible £70k.

So, when a signed Arsenal shirt he’d raffled off was donated back to him by the winner, Stephen decided to gift it to one of the people supported by Values In Care.

According to Vocational Service Manager Lucy Williams, Stephen’s gesture meant the world to Arsenal fan Anthony.

Lucy said: “Stephen doesn’t even work at Maes-Y-Bryn, the service that supports Anthony, but he’s got to know him at our community support centre, The Hub.

“Anthony is football mad, and Arsenal is his whole life. He and Stephen have built a friendship over the years, talking about their teams and having banter.

“When Stephen had the Arsenal shirt returned to him, he decided he was going to give it to Anthony and spent £70 from his own pocket to get it framed for him.

“Anthony was shaking with excitement when Stephen presented him with the framed shirt, I’ve never seen him with such a big smile on his face.

“Stephen’s gesture meant so much to Anthony and his family.”

Anthony’s family were so overwhelmed that they gave Stephen a bottle of his favourite tipple and £100.

Big-hearted Stephen immediately donated the cash to his charity fund.

Lucy added: “This just goes to show that Stephen has a heart of gold – he’s amazing!

“He’s become a bit of a local celebrity thanks to his charity work and even got nominated for a Pride of Britain Award in 2020.

“We’re incredibly proud of him not just for that incredible achievement, but because of how he supports the people in his care.

“Stephen is a Values In Care superstar!”