We're working hard
to maintain the health and happiness of the people we support and staff alike


The well-being of everyone we support is we believe paramount for our services and is at the forefront of all of our planning.

All of our services are working hard to meet government guidance in relation to Covid-19 to keep everyone safe and to maintain precious relationships with family and friends. We have adapted services to include visitor pods, screens, dedicated visiting areas and we maintain a high level of infection prevention and control, including complete sanitisation of designated visiting areas before and after each visit. We also have well-appointed pagodas in our gardens, specifically designed to enable outdoor visiting for those who prefer to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Each service has daily infection control audit, plus a national programme of external audits focusing on people’s safety and support.

All service managers apply a local, dynamic risk assessment approach to facilitate safe visits, working in liaison with Public Health, local authority and social work teams. Our service managers are your first point of contact to discuss and arrange visits as we do ask that they are all pre-arranged so we can facilitate them safely, as you can imagine deep cleaning areas takes time to do well and we won’t compromise on being fastidious, lives depend on our quality assurance approach. All visitors are screened for signs of Covid-19; we take temperatures before anyone is allowed to visit and anyone with a temperature above 37.8 degrees Celsius, will be asked not to enter and take necessary precautions as per government guidance. We provide PPE to anyone visiting, and will be working with the Department of Health & Social Care to provide lateral flow Covid testing to give us fast results. In time, this will mean visits when you can hug your loved ones knowing that you and they are Covid negative, a time we are all looking forward to the most.

Swanton Care & Community Ltd would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all family and friends at this difficult, for working with us to maintain the health and happiness of loved ones and staff alike.